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Pioneer Olympics

Title: "Pioneer Olympics"

Topics: Pioneer and Rural Life; Agriculture; Childhood
Suggested Grade Level: 4-8
Required Time: 60-90 minutes

Description: Through a series of games and friendly team competition, students will learn what activities 19th century Monroe County children participated in. This program combines many of the kid-favorite games and activities from our other programs along with some new ones into a fun-filled, interactive experience that will be sure to get students up and moving.


  • Compare and contrast students’ lives today with the lives of 19th century children
  • Relate to rural life in Monroe County during the late 19th century
  • Promote teamwork and good sportsmanship
Wisconsin Model Academic Standards
Social Studies Performance Standards Related to the Program
By the end of Grade 8

E.8.3 Describe the ways in which local, regional, and ethnic cultures may influence the everyday lives of people

Physical Education Performance Standards Related to the Program
Grades 6-8

5:3:A4 Follows and listens to all directions and asks for help when needed.

5:3:A6 Demonstrates self-control during conflict (e.g. peer conflicts or an official’s decision)

5:3:A7 Identifies and practices ethical behavior

5:3:B1 Handles situations in an appropriate manner (e.g., calls by officials, boundary lines, etc.) when participating in team sports.

5:3:B2 Demonstrates cooperation and support of students of different gender, race, ethnicity, and ability in a physical activity setting

5:3:B4 Demonstrates positive social interaction while in a physical activity setting (e.g., the student gives another student a high five after making a great shot in basketball).

5:3:B6 Demonstrates cooperation skills needed to accomplish group/team goals in both cooperative and competitive activities.

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