By Ms. Hagen's Fifth Grade Class
With Ms. Koll, LMC Director and Mrs. reid, Gifted and Talented Assistant


The Child Care Center History
Timeline of the Child Care Center
View of Children
Orphan Trains
Immigration's Effect
The Civil War
The Great Depression
Deadly Childhood Diseases
Testimonials of Past Residents
The Child Cemetery
Legends and Ghost Stories
Why We Did This Project
Pictures Then and Now

We would like to thank all those who assisted us with this project.  Anyone wishing to contact  Ms. Hagen or Mrs. Reid with further information, please feel free to do so. Due to time constraints we were unable to use all of the thoughts and ideas that were received.  We will continue to update the pages next year.  Please Contact us again.

Ms. Joanne Hagen/Mrs. Robin Reid
Meadowview Intermediate 
1225 North Water Street 
Sparta, WI 54656