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The Monroe County Local History Room has just updated two popular indexes on its website! Is it time to search your ancestors again? **The Monroe County Newspaper Index has grown by approximately 7,200 entries...
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“Fires, Floods, & Freaks of Nature: Examining Monroe County’s Past Disasters”
Public history program: Thursday, May 10, 7pm: “Fires, Floods, & Freaks of Nature: Examining Monroe County’s Past Disasters...
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Monroe County Local History Room & Museum

The Wisconsin Child Center in Sparta, WI (a.k.a. State School) played an important part in the history of Monroe County and has touched the lives of numerous people. The story of the children who passed through the Child Center is in danger of being forgotten.

That is why we are asking former Child Center residents to share their experiences at the Child Center by filling out a questionnaire that will be archived in our research library. Please click HERE to open the Child Center Memory Questionnaire. Print off the form and answer the questions as best as you can. Your name will be kept confidential. Return the completed form to:

Local History Room
200 West Main St.
Sparta, WI 54656

Your completed memory questionnaire will be archived along with the others in our library and available for patrons to read. In this way, the history of the children who attended the Child Center will not be lost. Please contact Jarrod Roll, County Historian, at 608-269-8680 with any questions.

Thank you again for helping us preserve your history.


Jarrod Roll