Monroe County Local History Room & Museum


Thousands of biographies and family histories just added to
The Monroe County Biographical and Family History Index has grown by approximately 4,000 entries...
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Art Outdoors Program at the Wegner Grotto, Aug. 25, 9-3
On Saturday, August 25th the Wegner Grotto County Park will host “Art Outdoors...
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Monroe County Local History Room & Museum


Mission statement: to encourage the participation of young people in historical research & expand their knowledge and understanding of Monroe County’s history.

Qualifications: Students in the fourth through eighth grade in Monroe County

  • Research limited to Monroe County.
  • Grants requested could range from $10.00 to $400.00; more if funding is available.
  • Documentation is a copy of the final report, which will be part of the Monroe County Historical Society’s permanent collection.
  • Recipients are requested to report in person at a Monroe County Historical Society meeting
  • Students must meet at least once with Monroe County Historian, Jarrod Roll, to discuss project idea, research methods, and documentation standards.
Ideas for research: biography, interviews, ground breaking contributions of individuals, landmarks, old buildings, architecture, towns, old towns, schoolhouses, cemeteries, oral history on tape, publish a book, visit a museum, field trips, photography, family tree.

Examples: history of a church, school or organization such as 4-H; the Grotto near Cataract; monuments in a cemetery; red brick houses; round barns; types of agriculture (dairy, mint, moss, etc.); railroads; parks; place names; lumbering; Fort McCoy; a village that disappeared; war veterans; women in military service, a collection of family stories

Grant may be used for incidental expenses i.e. computer ink, film, tapes, postage, telephone, tickets or passes, workshops, paper. Mileage in Monroe County only.

Every effort will be made to grant the full amount requested. Partial funding will be granted if there are a great number of applications.

Applications are available in September of each year.