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Monroe County Local History Room & Museum

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Sparta, Wis. Illustrated (1888)

From the cover: "Sparta Wis. Illustrated: The Health Resort of the Northwest, describing its romantic surroundings, its business advantages, its homes, its schools & churches, its hotels & resorts, and its celebrated magnetic mineral waters." Includes "Views in and around Sparta, Wis., giving a brief history of the city, and setting forth its advantages for manufacturing and as a place of residence, together with some account of its celebrated magnetic mineral water." By C.S. Ellsworth. Published in 1888. Soft cover booklet; 44 pages. Contents in excellent condition; only slight tear at top of spine. [Note: this a duplicate copy donated as a fundraiser]


Bank of Sparta 50th Anniversary New Concise Atlas of the World, 1908

Special Edition New Concise Atlas of the World produced with compliments of the Bank of Sparta, Sparta, Wisconsin at the time of its 50th Anniversary, 1908. Atlas published by Rand, McNally & Company. It includes world and state maps as well as a Monroe County map and large pull out colorized map of the City of Sparta. Also includes black and white photos, history, and general information about the Bank of Sparta. Softcover. Cover has some staining and edge wear. Cover and pull out map detached from binding. [Note: This is a duplicate copy sold as a fundraiser for the Local History Room.]


1912 “History of Monroe County, Wisconsin"

1912 “History of Monroe County, Wisconsin, Including an account of the Cities, Towns and Villages of the County” by Randolph A. Richards. This 1912 history of Monroe County, Wisconsin, provides a comprehensive overview of the history of the county from the early years of European exploration and settlement. Topics covered include Indians tribes, the Black Hawk War, early settlement, railroads, newspapers, Monroe County residents in the Civil War and the Spanish American War, agriculture and dairying, banks, manufacturing and business, the legal and medical professions, civic and social organizations, businesses and industries, schools, and churches. Histories of the cities, towns, and villages of Sparta, Tomah, Cashton, Kendall, Wilton, Norwalk, Adrian, Angelo, Byron, Clifton, Glendale, Grant, Greenfield, Jefferson, Lagrange, Lafayette, Leon, Lincoln, Little Falls, New Lyme, Oakdale, Portland, Ridgeville, Sheldon, Wells, Wellington, Wilton, and Scott are included, as are biographical sketches of county residents. Does include an index. Hard cover; 946 pages. Spine and binding is worn, but has been stabilized. Some pages torn. [Note: this is an extra copy donated as a fundraiser].



Book entitled "Service Record of Men and Women of Sparta, Wisconsin and Community, World War I and II." Features biographies and service histories for WWI and WWII veterans. Includes many black and white photographs of veterans and notable buildings in the Sparta area. Also includes a separate listing of Gold Star Boys as well as a full listing of men and women that were in service. Pages in good condition. Cover has edge wear. Hardcover, 102 pages. [Note: this item is a duplicate sold as a fundraiser.]


Sparta District Civilian Conservation Corps Annual 1937

1937 Yearbook for the Sparta District Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Sixth Corps Area. Includes photos and bios of the commanding officers, photos and history of the District Headquarters in Sparta, and histories of the disbanded CCC Companies in Wisconsin. Identified group photos of the various CCC Companies throughout Wisconsin area also included along with a member listing and history of each company. Soft cover; 192 pages. Back cover and last pages missing; front cover worn. [Note: this is a duplicate copy sold as a fundraiser].


Historical Souvenir Book, Sparta Wis. Centennial, 1851-1951

Published for Sparta's Centennial, this historic publication features a short history of Sparta, Program of Events, many local advertisements, and a photo of Miss Darlene Hutson, the Spartennial Queen. 32 pages; soft cover. Program in very good condition; cover a little mottled. [this is an extra copy donated as a fundraiser]


Sparta Incorporation City Centennial Book, 1883/1983

Published for Sparta's City Centennial in 1983, this publication features short historical articles and black and white photographs about Sparta churches, schools, businesses institutions, and notable individuals. A number of business advertisements are also included. 92 pages; soft cover. Book in very good condition. [Note: this is an extra copy donated as a fundraiser.]


Tomah's 25 Years of Progress, 1927-1952

Supplement to the Tomah Journal and Monitor-Herald, Tomah, Wisconsin, May 18, 1953. Contains photographs, historical information, and newspaper extracts pertaining to Tomah businesses and residents from 1927-1952. Published in observance of L. W. Kenny's 25th anniversary as editor of the Tomah Journal and Monitor-Herald newspaper. Soft cover; cover worn and stained but pages in good condition. [Note: this is an extra copy donated as a fundraiser]


The Story of Tomah Centennial Book, 1855-1955

Published for Tomah's Centennial in 1955, this historic publication features a thorough history of Tomah written by Alice McCaul Hayward as well as brief histories of neighboring Oakdale, Valley Junction, Wyeville, Norway Ridge and Mather, Shennington, Warrens, and Tunnel City communities. Many local advertisements and photographs are also included. 92 pages; soft cover. Cover slightly worn but otherwise in very good condition. [Note: this is an extra copy donated as a fundraiser]


Tomah Volunteer Fire Department Centennial Book

Published for the Centennial of the Tomah Volunteer Fire Department in 1971, this publication features a history of the Fire Department, its members, and notable fires and disasters in the Tomah area. It also includes a number of black and white photos and local business advertisements. 88 pages; soft cover. Cover slightly worn but otherwise in very good condition. [Note: this is an extra copy donated as a fundraiser]


Soil Survey of Monroe County, WI Book

The Soil Survey of Monroe County, WI, book is a 206 page report of the soil types in Monroe Co. and includes 138 soil maps. Published in 1980 by the USDA Soil Conservation Service. Excellent condition. [this is an extra copy donated as a fundraiser]


Homemakers 1933 Cookbook

Monroe Co. Homemakers 1933 Cookbook contains hundreds of delicious recipes contributed by members of the Monroe County Homemaker clubs. Also contains business advertisements. Printed by The Keystone Printing Company, Kendall, WI. Bindng in good condition. Soft cover; 160 pages. [Note: this item is a duplicate sold as a fundraiser.]


1876 Atlas of the State of Illinois, Reprint

1972 Reprint of 1876 Atlas of the State of Illinois. Originally published by the Union Atlas Co., Chicago. Includes large plat maps for 102 Illinois counties as well as city maps of Chicago and Springfield and other select cities and towns. Some landowner names are included. The Atlas also contains a Railroad Map of Illinois. There is slight water damage on the bottom of the pages, but the maps are in good condition. Spiral bound, pages are 11"x17".