We walked down Rusk Avenue from Montgomery Street to Pine Street. On Pine Street, we were able to see the building that was used as a home for the Superintendent of the Child Center. We went down Osborne Drive to see the buildings that are currently the Sparta Area Christian School and the Boys and Girls’ Club Haunted House and the old Day Care building which is now being renovated to become a Bed and Breakfast. We went by the City Shop that used to be the Boiler Building and the Gymnasium which is still in use as a Gym. Maplewood School was part of the school for the State School. The building has been renovated and an addition added since it was used by the State School. These are the only buildings of the State School that remain today. At one time, there were 23 buildings in all. A main administration building was at the intersection of Montgomery Street and Osborne Drive next to Maplewood School. You can see the picture of this building on the main page. 
     While at the cemetery, the students realized that only two graves had flowers on them. They questioned why the others had no flowers. An answer is that many students who were buried here may have been left on the doorstep of the school with no name given, family members may not have known that their family member died, or some were orphaned with no other family.