An Immigrant is a person who moves to a different country permanently. The U.S is a nation of a lot of immigrants. Some people didnít get to live in their home land anymore because they were rebels against the government or they lost their land and harvest. They thought the new land was so good. It wasnít  because they thought that their old land was bad.
  Since 1700 most French immigration came from Canada. In 1940 more then 22 thousand French were in Wisconsin. Between 1800 and 1970 40 million people came to North America.
      African American immigrants began settling in Wisconsin since the 1700ís. Of those immigrants 27 people were listed as slaves. The civil war increased the black people by 1,171. First there was 185 free blacks then 685 black people free. By 1850 there were no slaves. The population in 1840 was 30,945. In 1865 there were 350,000,000 Blacks that came to north America. The natural increases had grown to 4,441,830 by 1860. In 1860 there were eight blacks to every thousand whites. The mass migration brought doubling of the states. African American citizen people in all ages arrived in 1890 and 1910. 
      Later British controlled Wisconsin. They came from Europe went landing in Canada and then came to Wisconsin. They sent back information about the amount of land in Wisconsin.  Some people from all European countries were coming to Wisconsin to settle.  Some did so because Wisconsin reminded them of their homelands, others because land was cheap to purchase, and there was work to found in Wisconsin.  Some immigrants who could not find employment in other states came to Wisconsin to work in the mines, mills, lumbering industry or the railroad. 
      Often times, the men would come to Wisconsin first to establish a home for their families.  After working, purchasing land and building a home, they would send for their family.  Once here they may find, it was difficult to make a living.  Perhaps, a parent in a family would die, or they family may grow too large for their home.  With these occurrences, some families found they could not care for their children.  They felt they no alternative, but sign them over to the Child Care Center for a time, until they were able to get back on the feet.  Some parents never came back.
Photo's Courtesy of We Are Americans Voices of the Immigrants Experience 

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